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Exercise Description

estrellaverdeThe equipment is placed on the field as indicated in image number 1.

estrellaverdeWhen the instructor blows the whistle, the assistant referee begins to perform the exercise as indicated in the numerical sequence.

estrellaverdeWhen the assistant referee is situated around 15 metres from the goal line, the instructor throws the ball against the crossbar creating a goal/no goal situation.

estrellaverdeOnce the action is finished, the assistant referee cools down for the indicated time and performs the same exercise in the opposite direction.


Image 1

Assistant referee

Physical Area

The four groups start the action at the same time.

The assistant referee starts the exercise from cone nº 1 (5 metres from the halfway line) with an acceleration run (20 m) to cone nº 2, followed by a sideways run (5 m) to cone nº 3. Then, he comes back with a sideways run (5 m) to cone nº 2, followed by a sideways run (5 m) back to cone nº 3. He finishes with a forward run to the decision-making area.

Remark: the assistant referee shall face the field when performing the sideways runs.

Technical Area

The assistant referee judges whether or not the ball enters the goal. If he deems it is a goal, he will act in accordance with the Laws of the Game.


Physical Area

The instructor blows the whistle at 30 second intervals, coordinates the groups taking part in the exercise and controls the execution of the exercise technique.

Technical Area

The instructor positions himself between the posts and throws the ball against the crossbar or goalpost when the assistant referee is between the edge of the penalty area and the edge of the goal area. He judges the situation and makes relevant observations.