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Exercise Description

estrellaazulThe equipment is placed on the field as indicated in image number 1.

estrellaazulThe players are positioned on the field as indicated in image number 2.

estrellaazulWhen the instructor blows the whistle, the referee begins to perform the exercise as indicated in the numerical sequence.

estrellaazulWhen the referee crosses the halfway line, the instructor makes another signal to the players with the whistle so that they can start the action.

estrellaazulThe attacking and defending players position themselves inside the penalty area, in the area closest to the assistant referee.

estrellaazulOnce the action is finished, the referee cools down for the indicated time and performs the same exercise in the opposite direction.


Image 1


Physical Area

The two groups of referees start the action at the sound of the whistle.

The referee starts the exercise from cone nº 1 with a sprint (10 m) to agility pole nº 1, followed by a slalom run (10 m) between the five agility poles to cone nº 2. He continues with a backwards run (10 m) to cone nº 3, and ends with a forward run, passing between the two cones on the halfway line towards the decision-making area.

Technical Area

When the referee passes between the two cones on the halfway line he makes a decision regarding foul play inside the penalty area.

Psychological Area

The referee reinforces the decision made by clearly applying the signal (the signal’s clear application) and positioning as fast as possible towards the opposite zone to the assistant in the penalty area. He keeps adequate distance all the time and avoids protests with proactivity and the use of both arms and the halfway line.

Body Language

The referee answers a question posed by the instructor, for which he has to change his focus of attention from external to internal and back to external. This requires him to immediately refocus on the situation in order to recover the perceptive control over the action.


Technical Area

In one half of the field three attackers and three defenders challenge for the ball on the right-hand side of the penalty area. In the other half the players perform the same task.

In both situations one player commits a foul against an opponent (push, hold etc.).

Psychological Area

In order to increase the level of perceptive and decision-making difficulty, the players may commit more than one infringement simultaneously.

Body Language

The players try to get close to the referee and stay within his intimate distance, touch his arms, shoulders and surround him. At the same time, they try to prevent the referee from getting close to the action.


Physical Area

The instructor blows the whistle at 30 second intervals, coordinates the groups taking part in the exercise and controls the execution of the exercise technique.

Technical Area

The instructor positions himself outside the field of play, behind the goal line, facing the position where the players commit the fouls.

From this position, the instructor coordinates the players’ actions and makes relevant observations.

Psychological Area

The instructor positions himself in the referee’s diagonal and asks the referee to solve a simple mental operation (for instance, a numerical calculation).

Body Language

The instructor checks the referee’s actions and provides him with an immediate evaluation concerning the best possible strategy in terms of Body Language.


Image 2