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The small sprout opened to the light. It had not been easy for him. From the darkness in which he had been born, the path was relatively easy. He did not have to go a long way, although some obstacles had hindered his walk momentarily. The wish to arrive had given him all the necessary energy so that nothing could stop him.

 He had felt the invocation and could not miss the opportunity. At the beginning his reference had only been a tiny luminous spot. For sure, it was well defined. Completely clear. The sign to follow. The way to go. At the beginning, he did not know how much that guide was going to last and so he could not stop, he could not fail.

 He was small, tiny. A little bigger than a pin’s head. But within him there was all the strength of Nature. Of Life.

 He did not become aware of it before he connected with the light. Ever since that tremendous Strength was accompanying him all the way.

 He knew that despite his size, he held within himself all the legacy of many generations. He was not alone, everyone was travelling with him.

 It was his objective, his destiny. He had to lead them once more towards the culmination of their life cycle. It had been done from the Beginning as in a wonderful, collective, universal dance. Never the same. Never repetitive. Always alive. Every time more and more vital.

 But this time, something did not seem to fit. As he was drawing nearer to the surface towards the light, that feeling of uncertainty became more obvious.

 It was that collective consciousness, that linked legacy of his ancestors and of his descendants which made him perceive that the unexpected was going to happen.

 Despite that perception, despite that uncertainty becoming more and more real, he went on his way with the same conviction. It could not be otherwise. He could not fail at what gave sense to his being cycle after cycle, to his identity, to his destiny which was the destiny of all the rest.

 The luminous source could be seen closer and closer. At the same time, more powerful, more Light, more Strength.

 Now he could undoubtedly feel the perfect union of his underground roots with the ethereal universal light.

 That wonderful feeling reached its peak when coming up to the surface. Everything was filled with light, everything was filled with energy, everything shone as in a stellar explosion to celebrate the great singular event.

 All the strength of the cosmos was there present in that eternal instant. All the Universe showed itself in an absolute act of harmony.

 That explosion of light lit up the small sprout consciousness and presented him with a new reality. The feeling of uncertainty which had accompanied him during the last part of the journey revealed itself and corroborated his feeling that something serious was happening.

 His expectations of finding himself on a fertile land where he could develop and fulfil his role in the life cycle soon vanished.

 A greyish universe surrounded him. Great masses of what seemed to be a mixture of metal, cement, crystal and other unknown elements rose everywhere.

 The strong smell and the composition of the air made it difficult for him to get the necessary energy from the outside surroundings in order to be transmitted to the rest of his structure.

 His incipient reality demanded from him what apparently he would not be able to obtain.

 He felt terror for not being able to fulfil his part of the life cycle. His fear was even bigger when he saw around the remains of some other sprouts similar to himself, exhausted over the black surface, which, like him, had been able to come out thanks to small cracks on the land.

 They lay lifeless, without future.

 Although his survival instincts helped him renew his strength, he knew that he was fighting against the inevitable. But once more he felt the strength of his lineage again, of his destiny and came out towards the light a little more. He knew that the answer could be there, life, continuity. He rebelled against something he still did not know what it was, but knew that he had to keep doing it.

 His fight for surviving, continued for what seemed to him to be infinite time. It was about to succumb, to become one more of those corpses which surrounded him. He began to think that everything was going to end there. That perhaps that was the destiny that awaited him. How could everything that was happening be so senseless? Why has he striven to go along a road with such an unfair end? Why has he been born?

 And it was then, when he had less strength, when everything seemed to be irreparable, when out of nothing, or at least that is what he believed, Human Being appeared. His action was liberating, immediate.

 Of Human Being’s performance the sprout did not have consciousness. His scant strength only helped him for the most elementary survival.

 A connection between the two beings had arisen. A bond was born that returned him to life. All his small being, rooted in Mother Earth and connected to the Light, felt the necessary spirit to emerge with the maximum splendour.

 Human Being in a magic way, would clear up the space in the greyish universe which wrapped them. On doing it, each centimetre of the new territory was covered with life. New sprouts sprang up and multiplied each time with more audacity, faster, with the conviction of that one that recognises what does not belong to himself, of that one that recognises what it is of his own and at the same time of all, that which he is a part of and of those who are part of him in unison.

 Those narrow sprouts which in their first attempt apparently had not achieved their goal, those which did not manage to survive, recovered awareness of their destiny. They were the basis, the food, the necessary scouting party so that the others, the young ones, the newborn had an easier way.

 They realised that everything that had happened to them actually made sense. Their shadows became the best of the glows. They understood the point of their bond with Human Being. He had been told that under that grey world there was life and that it strove to come out, to become noticeable, to share a universe of energy with the rest, with all the rest. And he, Human Being, was going to help them achieve their goal.

 The joint task began to bear its fruits. Soon the sprouts began to arise everywhere. No sooner was Human Being capable of making the earth appear with his own hands than everything changed its aspect. The land’s humidity and the celestial light did the rest. Human Being felt strengthened on seeing how his interaction was more and more effective. He was opening new lands where new sprouts settled, grew, bloomed, reproduced at a dizzier and dizzier pace.

 But not all was done. Human Being happened to think that that had to be given an order. His task had to be reflected in a clear way. The disorder with which those impatient sprouts had arisen, denoted anxiety, stress, uncertainty, the fear that had always been present in all the initial process. Everything was mixed up, branches with roots, flowers with bushes, sky with earth. Nature’s harmony had to be present, made itself noticeable and He would be in charge of doing it.

 Little by little, step by step, branch after branch, flower after flower he would be composing a master piece. It was a different harmony. One could notice what that was the product of. One could notice it was love.

 As attracted by an irresistible call, other species began to arrive. Birds from the sky, urban birds, also found a peaceful backwater and a meeting place which they immediately recognised as something which went into a communion with their most intimate memories and feelings.

 Land animals began to find their home among those trees, plants, flowers or under the ground, now enriched by the sunlight and the water which watered it springing from the inner depths now with a meaning and a purpose.

 Everything was almost there, but even before finishing, human beings on wishing for that reencounter with Nature had appeared as called out by an ancestral notice. They had arisen from between the cemented and iron labyrinth which had so far been their habitat. They knew that they would find there that which they had been looking for, which they knew was part of them but that they were missing ever since someone had told them that there they would find security. But their instinct led them to that meeting.

 When they arrived there they began to smell, to listen, to touch, to taste, to feel THEMSELVES.

 They began to move around like babies restlessly to discover each of the wonders that were there. They could not stop because in all of them they recognised themselves. Human Being gazed at his kindred enjoying themselves as they had never done it before. Their faces would change and blend into each of the encounters. The flowers, the trees, all and every one of the beings that were there could notice the collective happiness and were part it. It fed them, it made them feel better and better, they noticed how their life was becoming more and more meaningful.

 The hours that they spent there seemed to them an instant, but an instant in Paradise compensated for a whole life of asphalt and construction materials.

 It was the time to return, little by little they moved away and got lost again in the labyrinth from which they had come out, but this time something was different, everything was different, a smile accompanied them. The same one Human Being shared with them. Everything had just begun.

 To all those urban oasis, which made possible the reencounter with our Nature.

José M. García-Aranda Encinar

Gallery Oasis