On the Road to the Summit

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Gallery On the Road to the Summit


On the Road to the Summit

1 The awakening

Human Being appears in the valley surrounded by inmense summits.

The sun has just loomed behind the magnificent crests.

Everything is filled with light.

Desoriented, he begins to look up to the sky. The splendour of the peaks causes the first digginess.

He feels lonely, tiny. He does not know where he comes from nor where to go. He feels weak.

He sits on a small rock. He looks tired. His head begins to fill with questions without an answer.

He has lowered his look for the first time to the ground. He looks a little bit closer at the centre and discovers his body.

More questions begin to run through his mind. More confusion. He does not know, does not understand.

Still sitting, he remains a few minutes in confusion and changes his focal attention.

He notices his body. He had not noticed it before. Now he wonders: What is it? What is it doing there? What is it for?

He is motionless, relaxed. He is becoming aware of himself.

Suddenly, there is an instinctive, electric reaction.

Human Being is startled. What is going on? What is this? His body jumps and its position changes. It recovers its initial position. On foot. Straightened. For a moment, his body tightens up; eyelids separate; his ear becomes alert; his nose begins to receive new unknown odours; his mouth brims with saliva. His head begins to fill with questions without an answer.

A few seconds pass by and nothing happens. Everything returns to calm. However, something has happened. Something has changed.

Then his attention returns to his body. He perceives it in a different way. It seems to have come to life. He can feel it. He knows it. He recognizes it as a part of himself.

Human Being has a feeling of something within that alters him slightly. A sudden necessity that settles in all over his being. Intuitively he deciphers it: he wants to know more.

He feels attracted to what he is gazing at. To the feeling of the form, other new ones begin to join. All of them have been attracted.

As immersed in a whirlwind, he feels he is dragged along without control.

He begins to feel the contact with the Earth. The breeze that caresses his skin. The sun that warms him. The connections of all his structure. The weight that he bears, the strength that responds. The inner flows.

This perception makes him move his feet slightly and then, his ear detects the almost imperceptible noise caused by the dynamic connection of the foot and the Earth. He searches, he tries further. He perceives something, he feels something. Something changes. Something settles in.

The rest is easy. Feet, legs, trunk, arms, hands, head. The parts are becoming aware, are settling in and suddenly, the feeling increases. He feels all. Human Being appears.

An unknown Force makes him move. Human Being feels himself One with all that surrounds him. He feels one with all that his being has given him.

His senses cannot cope with everything. All is new. All is different. All surrounds him. All is with him. Human Being feels part of himself and of All.

The more he knows, the more he feels, the more he wishes, the more he wants to know. There is so much.

He feels full and at the same time empty.

Suddenly, a new feeling appears: fear.

The light feeling of control that he felt has vanished.

Human Being remains still. All stops. All seems to return to the onset. All his feelings have disappeared. The connection is not there.

Little by little, something begins to change, something moves. From All comes a breath bringing back confidence to him.

Human Being becomes aware of himself and All again. Now with more determination, greater awareness, greater sense.

He thinks he feels, thinks he knows, thinks he understands and can control.

He feels strong again. He leads his own steps. He leads his Being.

The feeling is reinforced. Human Being is strengthened.

While all this was happening, nothing had ceased. All continued, All flowed.

The sun, after visiting all and each of the summits, begins to hide. Yes, there!, behind the highest of all.

Human Being’s eyes follow it while it is drawing to an end.

A strange feeling seizes him. It reaches its maximum expression when the sun disappears. He has felt something he does not know what it is.

After this almost sudden feeling, another one runs through his Being. Stronger, deeper, more real, more Being.

All seems to fill up everything. All seems to be more than ever with her/him. All inhabits him, fits him, settles in inside him.

Human Being is valley, he is mountain. He is All.

José María García-Aranda Encinar

Gallery On the Road to the Summit